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What is the material your products made from ?
We use MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) because it's a very versatile material.

I've bought wooden items in the past that had brown glazed like edges.
Do your products have brown edges ?
Brown edges are actually burnt edges and the result of wood being cut on a modern laser machine.
We use traditional, but highly adapted woodworking machinery which ensures there are no
burnt edges or burn marks anywhere !

Do you give a discount for bulk orders ?
We are happy to discuss bulk orders.....Please contact us for details.

I see you take Paypal but I want to pay with my Debit/Credit card ?
No problem. When you check out, you will have the option of paying via a
Paypal account, (if you have one), or a Debit/Credit card where no Paypal account is required.

I have a custom shape I'd like made. Could you do this for me ?
We will consider taking on custom shapes so please contact us with your requirements.

Do you provide a paint finishing service ?
Sorry, but no we don't.

 Can you cut WordArt thicker than 4mm ?
Yes, we can cut up to 18mm thick so please contact us for details.